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Children's Discovery Museum                           

Science Discovery Museum

The Children's Discovery Museum offers three floors of hands-on, child-sized play and learning. Each room in this historic Victorian-style house has a unique theme designed to inspire young children to explore and discover the world around them. Surprises are around every corner and every square inch of the house offers inviting spaces.              
At the Science Discovery Museum, visitors of all ages become scientists as they use their senses and critical thinking skills to explore science, math, and engineering concepts in an exciting hands-on environment. Interactive exhibits and familiar materials encourage children to design experiments and make discoveries about their world. 

At the Children's Discovery Museum you can:


At the Science Discovery Museum you can:

  • Design elaborate ball runs and pathways
  • Control an 8-foot water vortex
  • Bounce a ball 3-stories high
  • Float ping-pong balls
  • Move a sea of clouds
  • Make unique harmonograph drawings
  • Bend light rays 
  • Experiment with green energy design
  • Whisper messages across 100 feet
  • Freeze shadows
  • Send Morse Code messages
  • See and feel sound waves
  • Create musical masterpieces
  • and so much more!