Science Discovery Museum

Did you bring your science tools with you?  

At the Science Discovery Museum, children learn that science starts with your hands, your eyes, your ears, your senses.  Each exhibit has a hands-on component and each component encourages children to explore what might be considered ordinary in an extraordinary way.  Children will explore concepts of scale and environment by looking at the world on a grain of sand.  They’ll learn that the sky doesn’t start above their heads but they are standing in it.  Questions always bring on more questions and Explorers in the blue vests will help children travel down learning paths as they hypothesize and reach conclusions in their own ways.  


Do You Want My Head To Disappear?

As children grow they begin to look for new ways to engage with science.  The Science Discovery Museum understands that the best part of learning about science is participating in the process versus just hearing about it.  Each exhibit in the museum is designed to move children through scientific processes through observation, interaction, hypothesis, and discovery.  They’re then encouraged to change the variables and look at a different outcome.  Above all, children often discover that they can use the science they already know to dig deeper into a concept – and remember what they loved about science in the first place. 

In the Light and Color Room most children and many adults enjoy capturing their shadows on a phosphorescent wall and discovering how moving into different positions can create an alien form.  Heads disappear, extra appendages appear to sprout from the body and tiny dancers freeze in flight.  

In the Inventor’s Workshop children are invited put their imaginations to work and create their own project using real tools.  For many children this may be the first time they have handled a real hammer, or worked with wood.  In the Inventor’s Workshop, a handful of wrapping paper, an egg carton, a CD and an orange juice can lid can become a spaceship in the hands of these young creators. All projects constructed in the Inventors Workshop are yours to take home.  

At the Science Discovery Museum you can:

  • Use a slinky to learn more about sound waves
  • Move a sea of clouds
  • Try to keep a secret next to the whisper dishes
  • Control an 8-foot water vortex
  • Create a musical masterpiece using the Slap-a-Phone
  • And so much more!