Package Deals

Save 20%!

Take advantage of our package deals when you schedule Field Trips for two grades or a Field Trip and a Traveling Science Workshop. Receive 20% off for each group when you choose one of these options:

Package One: a Field Trip to the museums and a Traveling Science Workshop at your school, for students in the same or different grades.

  • When used with one grade, this combination offers students both the hands-on experience of the museum exhibits and the follow-up experiences in the classroom.
  • When shared between two grades, each grade has an opportunity to experience one of the Museums' school programs.

Package Two: a one-museum, multi-grade Field Trip

  • Bring two grades on a Field Trip to the Science Discovery Museum and watch as older and younger students learn from each other while exploring the exhibits together.

Package Three: a two-museum, multi-grade group Field Trip

  • Preschool or kindergarten-aged children can explore the Children’s Discovery Museum while elementary-aged kids visit the Science Discovery Museum.
  • Groups can visit on the same or different days.


Families, day care groups, parent and child groups, and groups with special needs should feel free to make arrangements for a visit with fewer people. Please contact Kathie Watt, 978-264-4200 ext. 122 to discuss your specific situation.